Marc Carson Presents

The Hatch

Page 20 Wednesday, June 15, 2016


1. Villrise recounts the horrors of a planet suddenly under siege. The mysterious bombings began just as his kingdom had entered a new era of peace.

2. As quickly as his scientists were able to develop new technologies to protect and empower the now-isolated groups of his people, they were discovered. 

Mk. 1
- Generator
- Defensive Weapon
- Coordinated Area Communication
Particle Fusor, Logistics Unit
3. The alien culture immediately deployed more clearly-targeted weaponry from orbit. The people of Ra-Atum...

4. ...could only watch, horrified, as their leading scientific thinkers were eliminated during a covert meeting. They left behind only simple guardians, and one unfinished...

5. ...a greater guardian. So, will you help us finish it? It is our one chance.

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