Marc Carson Presents

The Hatch

Page 19 Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The Hatch

SpecialKrafte (Special Forces)

1. Dr. Jen Iwai meets Dr. Gilliam Monroe, a CERN researcher who was recruited via very unconventional means...

2. ...By a young officer in the German special forces, the KSK (See page 8)

3. Dr. Monroe is interrupted by the sound of aircraft on a low approach...


Get down!

They bomb us every day now.

4. Soon after, they are taken to a throned figure...

Welcome, my Earth guests. Dr. Iwai, my apologies for destroying the hatch. I'm afraid we need your help.

5. ...whose kingly composure seems to collapse before the imprisoned scientists.

Now, tell me...does either one of you know anything about robotics?

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